Everything You Need To Know About WATER


It is scientific fact that water is involved with every metabolic process, electrical exchange, neurotransmission, biochemical pathway, hormone balance, and more. Besides oxygen, water it the most important nutrient for the human body. Do you think there is a reason why three quarters of our body is water? And three quarters of the world is water? Coincidence!?

Consider this ...

Our muscles are 70% water and our blood is ~80%. Our bones contain up to 25% water, and our brain is made of 85% water!

Are you seeing the importance of this liquid life yet?


Your body has a naturally built-in filtration system for your survival.  Pretty smart, eh?

The kidneys and liver are our two major filtering organs. 

Science says we can make it anywhere between 3-7 days without water (depending on the weather and conditions). This is possible on account that your kidneys are working their full potential. Your kidneys are able to filter the water that is in the body, to maintain homeostasis ... aka BALANCE.

When the kidneys become over-worked from having to re-filter “old water” in our system, the excess stress-load is placed on the liver. Even one day of dehydration places a burden on the kidneys and liver.

What most people don’t realize is inadequate intake of water actually forces the body to adapt to a state of DEHYDRATION. When the body rations the small amount of water you do consume, it goes to the most vital organs first (brain, heart, lungs, etc). This is an adaptive response to the stress of dehydration and as a result, non-vital organs will suffer (gastrointestinal tract, skin, joints, connective tissues, etc).

Shedding weight in a state of dehydration is extremely difficult and adequate water intake should be part of any program.

Wait ... I can lose weight by drinking WATER?! 

Yes ma'am ... and it can reduce pain and fatigue ... and digestive issues ... and skin problems ... and a whole list of things that might shock you. 


As much as 65% of the human body is water.

  • Your brain uses water to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Your mouth uses water to form enzymes to begin proper digestion
  • Your mucosal membranes use water to keep the lining moist and healthy
  • Your body uses water to regulate body temperature
  • Your cells use water to grow, reproduce and survive
  • Your blood uses water to deliver oxygen throughout your body
  • Your digestive system uses water to breakdown food to nutrients needed for survival
  • Your body uses water to flush waste
  • Your joints use water to lubricate your joints
  • Your discs in your spinal column use water to maintain proper shock absorption and protection


Yes, you need water to survive ... but it's not all created equal.  Or maybe it was created equal and we've contaminated it!

According to the EPA, there are HUNDREDS of contaminants identified in our water supplies. They have found trace amounts nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactive compounds, petrochemicals and parasites coming from the local municipal water supply. Many reports are available that shows that millions of Americans drink tap water from systems that have been shown to contain arsenic, a known toxin and carcinogen, at average levels that pose unacceptable cancer risks.



The toxins and free radicals in tap waters are made significantly more toxic to humans by the addition of chlorine -- a powerful disinfectant used in virtually all public water supplies in America. The US Counsel on Environmental Quality now reports that individuals who drink and bath in chlorinated waters (which accounts for the large majority of the population) have a 93% greater likelihood of getting cancer in their lifetime. 


Don't drink the water, kids!  At least not until you TEST IT for the many contaminants that have probable or possible links to cancer!

A report from Fox News stated

Did you know that there are hundreds of active pharmaceutical ingredients used in manufacturing?

Take lithium ... used to make ceramics ... and treat bipolar disorder.

And nitroglycerin ... used in explosives ... and is a heart drug.

Even copper ... found in pipes ... and birth control! 

So what happens to all the drugs that our bodies don't absorb and are excreted in the toilet?  Or all those pills thrown away by hospitals and nursing facilities?  They end up in our water supply and wreak havoc on us, and especially the fish, frogs, and water-loving creatures.

So turning a blind eye to this won't protect you ... or your children.  Or the fish and our ecosystem.


... besides toxic tap water ...

So now that you know how toxic tap water can be, unless you have tested your water for purity ... I suggest considering a filtered type of water (unless you live in Fiji where the natural clean springs are readily available)!

There's different types of filtration systems that will remove and sometimes add certain substances.  Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, the most common types of filtered water choices are:


The majority of bottled waters are actually tap water ... manufactured into plastic bottles. If you're going to buy plastic bottles of water, read up on BPA and how it is transferred to liquids easily. Never drink a bottle of water that has been sitting in your car or in the hot sun for a long time!


A low cost alternative to tap and bottled water. These products are by far the least effective and the most costly to use in the long term. The small-sized cartridges have a very limited level of effectiveness and a low capacity.


Great for people that have too much acidity in their stomach ... but the majority of people actually have low HCl levels and and dumping alkaline water into an already alkaline stomach environment, is no bueno. Plus, the cost of the systems are quite high.


It's super "CLEAN" water ... sometimes too clean because we really do need the natural occuring minerals. You can either use this to mix drinks (like baby bottles) or you can add minerals (like CellFood). Keep in mind that unless it contains a carbon filter, volatile gases aren't removed.


One of my long time favorites ... but only if it contains a carbon filter with it to remove synthetic chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. Many health food stores have large RO system that you can fill your own jugs with. However, you'll need to add trace minerals back into the water that have been removed (like CellFood).


GAC‚ granular activated carbon‚ is recognized by the U.S. EPA as the best available technology for the removal of organic chemicals like herbicides‚ pesticides and industrial chemicals. The carbon and other media in Aquasana systems can also filter out sediment and cyst type organisms (like Cryptosporidium and Giardia).


When choosing a system for your home, compare the product's performance to other alternatives. The performance of a particular water purification system can be easily verified by reviewing it‘s Performance Data Sheet which lists all the contaminants the system is certified to remove and to what degree.

By comparing each products contaminant reduction capabilities‚ system cost and ongoing cost per gallon‚ it is easy to determine which product best fits your needs.

I'm sold on the quality of Aquasana.  It uses a combination of carbon filtration‚ ion exchange and sub-micron filtration to produce great water in your own kitchen (they actually have whole-house systems, too). Aquasana filters out Copepods, chlorine‚ lead‚ synthetic chemicals‚ VOCs, THMs‚ MTBE, Turbidity, Cysts (chlorine resistant parasites) and leaves in the natural trace minerals. 

Aquasana also has a Reverse Osmosis system that re-mineralizes the water for you.  They have pitcher systems, shower filters and if you can afford it, a whole house system.  (These are the links for you Amazon shoppers!  Be sure to check out Aquasana website as well ... I've seen them run 50% off sitewide sales that even beats Amazon's pricing! And yes ... if you purchase using the links above, they give us a little something for spreading the word.  It helps us keep doing what we're doing and we promise to promote only the products we truly believe in!)

MicroNutrient Testing

More advanced and comprehensive testing that is available can help pinpoint nutrient deficiencies like: chromium, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D, alpha-lipoic-acid and also assesses your B vitamin levels, all of which play a vital role in metabolizing sugar and keeping the cell sensitive to insulin. This is an amazing tool that helps us tremendously in customizing care.

Diabetes Autoimmune Assessment

The Diabetes Autoimmune Reactivity Screen that is suggested for anyone that has been possibly misdiagnosed as Type 2, especially if you have other indications or autoimmune conditions. Additional autoimmune testing is suggested for positive results and previous diagnosis of other autoimmune conditions.

Advanced Lipid & Prediabetes Screen
Insurance Coverage

Considering that high triglycerides on a blood test are one of the first signs of insulin resistance and seen before diabetes is full blown, we like to get a complete profile of the density and sizes of the different types of cholesterol as well as assess for the progression of heart disease through inflammatory and genetic markers with the Boston Heart test.


to rehydrate your cells and your life!

There's a lot of people, places and blogs that will tell you to drink XX amount of water.  I'm here to tell you that the requirements for people vary, and there is no standard formula.  There are many variables that dictate what an "optimal" amount of water intake is for you.

First, if it is extremely hot or cold, your body requires more water for optimal function.

Next, if you have a higher level of toxicity and require more fluids to flush your system, your need will be greater. 

Finally, your age, your weight, your activity level, and general lifestyle habits will impact the amount of water you should consume. 

So what do you do? 



My suggestion is simple. Increase your water intake by one "glass" per day for at least one week. You will probably go to the bathroom more (which is great, because most of us need to move more often during the day anyway!) as a result of your body naturally detoxing. Remember, proper levels of hydration can aid in weight loss, and getting rid of the stuff we don't need is the name of the game.

At some point, when your cells are happy and hydrated again, you will be more aware of what it feels like to be hydrated and healthy and will more than likely be able to follow your body's own clues for water intake.

You can also enjoy some fine reading, all about water of course, while you hydrate your life with nourishing sources of water and begin to crave those sugar-filled, artificially colored, toxic beverages less.  Check out Your Body's Many Cries For Water by F. Batmanghelidj M.D.




It dilutes stomach acid and can interfere with proper digestion!

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