What is holistic pediatric care?

As parents and caretakers, the health and happiness of a child is like music to our souls. You want what’s best and won’t settle for anything less. At New Beginnings Family Wellness Center, we couldn’t agree more. Our perspective of pediatric care encompasses comprehensive consultations to evaluate each child holistically, state-of-the-art testing and protocols backed by research and results, and natural, safe, gentle treatment options that offer comfort and success to both parent and child. As a holistic pediatric center, we understand that the human body was designed to heal itself and believe the body, mind, and spirit contribute to overall wellness.

When it comes to the health and the care of infants and children, there is so much to track and monitor that it can seem overwhelming. Whether you have a child with special needs or requirements, or you have a “perfectly healthy child”, the holistic care at our center brings great benefits to the lives of you and your little ones. We believe in raising children to obtain their full God-given potential. We strive to maximize this potential, improve the quality and quantity of their life, and bring health and happiness to the entire family.


While the height and weight are important markers to a child’s growth, the development of the nervous system, digestive tract, elimination and detoxification pathways, and immune system are even more important and often overlooked or not monitored appropriately. This is our area of expertise!

Immunological Progression

  • are they prone to recurring infections or colds?
  • are there symptoms or issues with allergies, asthma, ear infections, etc?


Neurological Development

  • are they hitting milestones on time?
  • are they growing and progressing optimally?


Sensory Integration and Processing

  • are they struggling with comprehension and learning?
  • are all parts of the brain firing and communicating appropriately?


Sleep Hygiene

  • how much, how long, and quality?
  • how is the environment and surroundings?


Emotional and Psychological Well-Being


  • baby-blues

Proper Growth and Structural Balance

  • are there imbalances that may be causing growing pains, coordination issues, or disturbing neurological function?
  • is the spine properly aligned and moving or are they developing scoliosis?
  • are the cranial bones moving and aligning correctly?


Proper Diet and Nutrition Intake

  • is their diet hindering or enhancing growth and development?
  • is there a need to avoid, eliminate, add or change their current routine?
  • what are the best vitamins and supplements for your child?


Digestive & Bowel Function

  • are there any signs of digestive dysfunction?
  • what is consistency, frequency, color and comfort of bowels?


Birth history & Vaccination history



Pediatric Testing Options

If additional testing is required for proper care of your child, rest assured that we use state-of-the-art labs that often offer non-invasive testing measures (whener possible).

Food Sensitivity Screening

There are 7 different ways the immune system can react to food, and it is quite common for children to have food sensitivities without any true food allergies. This test measures the cellular response to a variety of foods and herbs.

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

Evaluates for proper digestion and absorption of the foods you consume in addition to screening for parasites & ova, opportunistic bacteria, and the microbiome make-up of your gut and determing the need for the best probiotics, if necessary.

Genetic & MTHFR Screening

Determining defects in your child's genetics can help in understanding their challenges in health (and life). Knowing what is wrong can allow us to target treatment and offer specific supplements to maintain the highest level of health and function possible. d) metabolism and have major implications for both mother and baby.

MicroNutrient Testing

Getting children to consume a nutrient-rich and balanced diet can be difficult. If your child is faced with any health challenge, determing where their vitamin, mineral and antioxidant imbalances are can be life changing. This test evaluates cellular levels of over 35 key nutrients, including Vitamin D, magnesium and glutathione.

NeuroAdrenal Evaluation

Assessing how the body is adapting to stress can play a critical role in many common childhood issues ranging from ADHD to anxiety, seizures to depression and fatigue. The non-invasive urine and saliva test can be done at home.

Comprehensive Thryoid Panel

Children born to mothers with thyroid imbalances will often develope issues themselves. A simple blood draw can assess your child's complete thyroid function which has profound impact on their brain development, phsyical development, and quality of life.

Whether your child needs to be periodically monitored for proper growth and maximum health benefits, or you have the need for regular care to manage a current condition or problem, we are here to assist in giving you and your child the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential. Please note that we are NOT an urgent care or medical facility that offers drugs, surgeries, or emergency interventions. In cases of emergency, please contact your local hospital or urgent care facility for immediate attention.



Dr. Lauren specializes in pediatrics and women’s health and has always had a special interest in women, babies and children. She has been caring for pregnant women and families since 2007 but became increasingly more passionate when becoming pregnant in 2012.  Dr. Lauren has had two homebirths and leads a lifestyle of awareness with a strong focus on nutrition, health, happiness, and spiritual growth for her family.  She has a private practice out of her homestead in addition to an Indianapolis office.  Families are invited to experience "life on the farm" with her and her family and welcomes mamas (and papas) looking to connect with like-minded parents and families.  If it takes a village to raise a child, that is what she is creating in hopes of raising more healthy, happy babies that will continue to shape and change the world for The Greater Good.

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