While most people perceive chiropractic care as a treatment for pain, the profession was founded on the basis of restoring FUNCTION to the body. At the core of chiropractic, we are about creating wellness, not treating illness. Harvey Lillard, the first documented chiropractic patient, was a janitor who slowly lost his hearing after a fall from a chair. D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, evaluated his body and found a misalignment in his spine in his upper back. D.D. Palmer delivered an adjustment to restore proper function of his spine and discovered that his hearing was restored. This began the deeper study into the complex relationship between the spine and the nervous system. The deep roots of chiropractic grow from scientific facts. The first few principles we will discuss are also frequently discussed in functional medicine as well.
  • The body is self-healing
  • The body is self-regulating
  • The nervous system is the master communication, coordination and control system of the body
  • Any interference and stress within the nervous system will negatively impact the body’s ability to self-regulate and self-heal

The Body is Self-Healing

Our cells and our bodies are programmed for health and healing. If you cut your finger, does the band-aid and antibacterial ointment do the healing? Of course not. If these were the tools needed to heal, we would be able to place them on a cadaver and see a wound heal. It is LIFE that heals. It is the energy that runs through us and among us that defines life and death. When we are alive, the life force that beautifully coordinates all the complicated processes within us is the true magic. It is this life force that heals. It is this life force that makes us a self-healing organism.

Now ... I must add ... we have the ability to heal ourselves, given the right environment.

If there is a splinter that remains lodged in your cut finger, continuously irritating the wound ... the healing process cannot fully take place. If you continue to pick the scab off the wound, it may not heal completely and correctly. If you submerge your finger in a nasty body of stagnant disease-rich water before it heals, it will more than likely get infected and complicate the healing process.

This brings us to our connection with subluxations and the healing process of the nervous system. A subluxation is the splinter in your cut that won't allow your body to facilitate it's full healing potential.

While we can consciously control parts of our body and alter the function of many systems through the power of mindful intention, the human body is highly self-regulating and does not require our attention to sustain life.

Many of us sit down to a meal where we enjoy the taste and appearance of what we are consuming, but then completely forget about it once we swallow. Our body's innate (inborn) intelligence knows exactly what to do with this food. It orchestrates a beautiful concoction of enzymes and acids to break it down and then squeezes and churns it around as the nutrients are extracted and the waste is eliminated.

We breathe without conscious thought. Our heart pumps blood without our direction. Our immune system works diligently for us without the slightest thought by us. Assuming that we are providing it with the right environment and nourishment to carry out all the tedious tasks that we require of it. Even when we abuse and neglect our bodies, they continue adapting and functioning to their best abailities for as long as they can before alerting us of any underlying problem that might require our attention.

(This is the reason for symptoms, by the way. They are signals from our body being sent to our consciousness in hopes to make us more aware of the suffering environment we are putting it in. It is begging for your help and attention.)

The brain and spinal cord are one of the first things to develop in a fetus. This means that your nervous system is so vitally important in coordinating the growth and function of the body, that it must begin the journey prior to any other system. It's important. And during this life, you only get the one you were given when you were created. Another reason why we were are so passionate about working with pre-conception and prenatal care!

The different organs and tissues of the body are inter-connected through this vast network of neurological tissue. It is the nervous system that connects all of our parts and pieces and makes us a whole functioning, intelligent human being. It also happens to be extremely delicate tissue, this is why an extremely hard protective case was built around it to protect it. We call this protection your skull and spine. While it also serves the purpose of structural integrity, it was no coincidence that it completely surrounds this important living tissue that transmits the signals and messages of life.

This is the very reason why chiropractors work with the spine. Our care does offer structural benefits, the deeper impact in optimal health comes from the impact we can make on the nervous system through working with the spine and cranial bones. This is also the reason why chiropractic is becoming part of a regular healthy lifestyle for many newborn babies and children. At a time when the nervous system is in such rapid development, we want to be sure it is able to function at its highest capacity possible.

Interference in the Nervous System Will Negatively Impact the Body's Ability to Self-Heal and Self-Regulate

There are countless ways that the nervous system can encounter stress and interference. There is blunt force and trauma from car accidents, sports injuries, or violent acts of crime. There is subtler physical trauma from repetitive overuse and inactive lifestyles. Biochemical stress bombards us through pharmaceutical drugs, herbicides and pesticides in our food and environment, antibiotics and hormones in our meat products. We are a nation that is inundated with coffee, donuts, candy and cakes, fast food restaurants, packaged junk and sodas and energy drinks. It's socially acceptable to consume large amounts of alcohol, smoke cigarettes full of carcinogens, and pop pills of many different types. There is more hate crimes than ever before. We are plagued with depression, work stress, life stress, family stress ... self-stress. The point is, there is stress and potential interference all around us. And when the nervous system is interfered with it becomes limited in its ability to function, which means your wellness becomes limited as well.

Consider this. Have you ever been talking on your cell phone when suddenly you experience static or a poor connection? Maybe the call fails and your disconnected. Or perhaps the call just cuts in and out and you can make out about 70% of what the other person is saying. What if it cuts out right when you are getting the direction of which way to turn and you don't know if you want to turn right or left? That can make a pretty big difference if the purpose of the call is to get you to the right destination.

Now, imagine this happening in your body. Maybe a signal gets lost here or there and the lines of communication are unclear or shut off. The organs and tissues in your body slowly begin to lose communication with that necessary life flow and coordination. The brain and body must be in constant communication for life to be fully expressed. The well-being of every system is dependent on clear communication.

This is what chiropractic adjustments do for you. They improve communication in the nervous system for your brain and body. They remove interference (subluxations) and restore normal function, allowing your body to return to a state of self-healing and self-regulation.

A chiropractic adjustment isn't about simply moving a bone ... it is part of a learning process.  It is about upgrading your operating system to a higher functioning pattern for full potential and expression to be exhibited.  

Since 1895, the chiropractic profession has continued to grow through it's safety and results ... mainly through word of mouth from satisfied patients. Our office is proud to be rooted in the original chiropractic philosophy that understands the impact of a properly functioning neurological system and integrates holistic adjustments to optimize the function of this vital system. While we do offer pain-relief to many, most of our patients choose our integrated chiropractic care for their entire family - including newborns and children! There is no better time than pregnancy to begin care as it has profound impacts on a healthier pregnancy and delivery for both mama and bebe.

We offer a variety of techniques from traditional hands-on adjustments to low-force instrument adjusting, sacral blocking, craniopathy and more.  Our primary goal is to adjust you in a state of ease.  If a patient is receiving an adjustment in a state of "guarding" or is tense and fearful, the full benefit of an adjustment cannot be received.  Bruce Lipton, a world-renowned stem cell biologist, states that "a cell cannot be in defense and grow at the same time."  

Your body cannot learn and thrive if it is in a state of survival.  Our goal from the chiropractic perspective is to switch your body's physiology from a state of defense and survival mode, into a state of healing and thrival mode.  In order to fully accomplish this, we believe in integrating our care into deeper levels of your lifestyle and physiology through functional medicine, the mind-body connection, and nutritional counseling. 

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