Comprehensive Lab Testing

We are partnered with cutting-edge laboratories across the country to allow for truly personalized care. With comprehensive tests, we no longer have to guess. The concrete results allow us to track progress and modify treatment based on factual evidence of biochemical change within your body.

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Functional Medicine Consulting

With the information we gather from your history and the proper testing, we can work together with you in removing the sources of toxicity and restoring normal function through lifestyle modifications, dietary and nutritional guidelines, supplements, and/or complimentary hands-on treatment methods that re-align, re-balance & restore.

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Holistic Chiropractic Care

Our holistic chiropractic care offers natural, safe and gentle treatment options for any age - from newborns to adults, we even optimize pregnancy for expectant mothers. We offer a variety of techniques and offer extended, more comprehensive treatments including cranial & digestive work, and more!

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Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

Our doctors and health counselors work together to provide you with a customized regimen that is best for your biochemical make-up. All products, recipes, and resources are customized to you. Learn the tools for long-lasting changes to your lifestyle that go way beyond counting calories.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, this cutting-edge treatment is revolutionizing cellular healing. Used for improving function or feeling, treatment is painless and non-invasive. If you're looking for pain-relief, we also offer Graston Therapy and Kinesiotaping.

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Workshops & Live Events

From small conscious parenting groups to larger speaking engagements, we enjoy connecting with others in a big way! Since our passion is wellness, we stay focused on health topics. Join us for an upcoming event, or have us join yours!

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