Success Stories

Dr Lauren is great. I began taking my kids to her when my 8 yo was complaining of headaches and my 1 year old was on antibiotics for ear infections every other month. Since beginning treatment with her 4 months ago, we are ear infection free and headaches have diminished significantly. She had tremendous patience with my 4 crazy kids and explained her treatments in ways my kids understood and were comfortable with. She made them giggle and laugh through the entire appointment. My 1 yo just melted in her hands when she did his treatment, so obviously it felt good and didn't hurt. I love learning from her wealth of knowledge on ways I can improve my family's health. We never felt rushed and appointments were very flexible. Highly recommend her!
I've had problems with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches and lower back pain for years. No matter what meds the doctors gave me or what ever I tried it wasn't working, I wasn't getting any better. A good friend told me about Dr Lauren and I tried it out. I've learned so much from Dr. Lauren and her staff about how meds, stress and the things we eat can effect your whole body and how it functions. Little by little I'm making changes, trying new things, got off the meds and learning healthier choices. I can proudly say today my stress levels are down and all my other problems are either gone or gotten much better. Plus people around me are noticing the positive changes. Thank you so much!! 🙂
This place is a one of a kind experience for individuals who want to create wellness in their lives. I began seeing Dr. Lauren in April after severe abdominal pain that lasted at least three months. Not being a fan of traditional medicine and/or antibiotics I pursued a holistic approach to my pain and healing. My first visit was fantastic. I was given my own personal road to wellness plan and I am here to say that I have been PAIN FREE ever since. Literally not one attack since April. I cannot thank Dr. Lauren and her team for giving me the belief that if I live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, live well and receive routine chiropractic adjustments wellness will happen. The best thing I learned is that even if you are pain free it does not necessarily mean you are healthy.
Marketing Manager
Take cortisone shots every three months, ortho visc every 6 months, ice the knee when home, and take 2 Aleve 2 times a day. This is as good as it gets-still no steps and no long walks. As far as your job- you walk on cement floors, you have to figure that one out. As far as exercise, you can use a stationary bike, and swim. Some patients have used glucosamine chondroitin to help with the symptoms. You can do this until you get no more relief and then we can get you a knee replacement, but 51 years old is a little young to do a replacement…are you sure you were not an athlete?” The previous statement was given to this patient from a well respected orthopedist in Indiana. There was no hope. My life and my career were gravely altered. We took our family vacation that summer with me in a wheel chair and limited on any participation on activities planned. I returned to teaching that fall with a cane and limited walking time with increased pain medication. It was as the doctor said, 3 months for cortisone, 6 months for ortho visc, but there was no complete relief and I had very limited motion in my knee. I had been completely active and one morning as I was walking down the hallway of my home, my knee buckled the opposite way it is meant to move and the pain was excruciating. Doctors’ visits, x-rays, MRIs, and treatments were to be my life, but it didn’t feel right to me. How could bone on bone in the knee change everything? There had to be more that could be done. By this time, my whole body was getting out of alignment as a result of my gait changing for the pain in my knee. In a newsletter that I received from a health food store, I heard about Dr. Lauren and her mission for complete wellness. Cold laser was an option for treatments, so I began to search the Mayo Clinic Website for confirmation that the treatments mentioned were legitimate. Indeed, I found my confirmation and since then have found many more. My wellness treatment combination has been life saving for me. After about 3 months of treatments ( a combination of chiropractic adjustments, cold laser, and graston techniques) I had motion in my knee that I had not had for a year. A year into my wellness plan, my knee is not an issue in my life…95% of the time. Are there still times of discomfort when I overdue activities? Absolutely, but the excruciating pain has not reoccurred. Will I have to revert to conventional treatments eventually?...I don’t know. All I know is that for the last year, I have my life back. I can bend my knee, I can walk with my grandchildren, I can teach students and feel like I have a life. I do not feel dependent on doctors, I feel free to live life as God had intended for me.
School Teacher
For almost 6 years, my son had constant, terrible ear infections that would last for weeks. Our days and nights were spent listening to screaming and cleaning pillow cases that were soaked with fluid from his ears. We had tubes put in his ears at age 2 which did not resolve the infections. After only a few adjustments with Dr. Lauren, his earaches subsided and have not returned! We are absolutely thrilled. To make things even better, I had a terrible pain in my foot that ended up leaving me bed-ridden for days. Dr. Lauren came and treated me a few times and completely resolved the pain. When I had a head cold for two weeks, I got adjusted – and immediately felt better! She has made a profound impact on my life and my family’s. We are so thankful to have found such a compassionate, educated chiropractor!
Hair Stylist
As a long time customer of Georgetown Market, I was so excited for my first visit with Dr. Lauren. I scheduled my first Neuro Spinal Functional Exam, waited for the results ... and grew anxious planning my course of action. This place was exactly what I had been searching for. Dr. Lauren listens to your needs and works around your ups and downs. Her knowledge has no limits - but if she doesn't know the answer, she will help you find it. Dr. Montieth CARES about your health, body and soul and wants you to live a whole and healthy life free of pain and toxins, and full of energy, love, and happiness. I am so glad I have Dr. Montieth and her team in my life...
Radiography Technician
I am so thankful to have found Dr. Lauren. I first started chiropractic care in my early 20’s and I have FINALLY found the path to relief that I have been searching for through Dr. Lauren and her team. I am still on my journey for better health, but I believe the knowledge and training that I receive from them has me directed on the right path and I am so thankful for that. I originally came in because of pain and discomfort in my toes. I have continued coming because of the overall improvements in my health and life. I have seen improvements in my energy levels and outlook on life and overall well-being. I am more positive, have much less pain, much more function and movement, and am finally taking care of myself physically, nutritionally, and psychologically.
Customer Service
Ten years ago I first experienced lower back pain to the degree that I had to find a new occupation. At which time I began the process of trying different chiropractors to solve my problems. To no avail. This persisted until my experience with Dr. Lauren Montieth. Dr. Lauren's expertise enabled me to once again experience life as an active adult. I can sleep at night without painful interruption and partake in other mundane tasks that were once a painful chore. Not only am I physically satisfied with the treatment , I also had many epiphanies about my own physiology during consultation with her. Simply put, I now feel like I am 19 and not 49!
Construction / Contractor

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