Working With Dr Lauren

Working with us is a unique and personal experience that differs significantly from the allopathic medical model of "health care" and the traditional chiropractic model of pain-management care. Our underlying goal is to get to the underlying problem by focusing on the root cause of your health concerns, rather than treating individual symptoms.

Your visits involve a more in-depth approach to gain insight into your past and present health factors, such as: family history, lifestyle habits, current and past symptoms and health issues, and more. We want to hear your whole health story so we can offer a unique plan of action that incorporates years of clinical experience with a functional approach that is rooted in natural treatment. Each visit builds a greater, more intimate understanding of where you are on your health journey ... and how you got there. It is an exploration process that you will not walk alone in.

During in-office visits, it is common to actually receive physical touch by the doctor and a holistic approach to evaluating your physical well-being. Therefore, your visits with us can last from 15 minutes up to 2-3 hours depending on the reasons and goals for the visit. We want you to walk away with a greater understanding of your health, your body, and all of the other parts of life that impact them.

We dedicate a lot of time and energy into each and every case that we work with. This is why we accept a limited number of patients to maintain the highest quality of care, attention and focus on our practice members that are also expending their time and energy as well. If we cannot establish care with you right away, we may offer to refer you to another experienced practitioner that we trust, or we may place you on a waiting list within our office.

Life … is a journey. Health … is a process. Wellness … is a choice. You are the author of your life. We are here to support and empower you in what you choose for your life. Most of our practice members choose to incorporate the chiropractic wellness lifestyle into their functional medicine care, and vice versa. The two approaches compliment each other very well and actually accelerate the healing in both areas of care. However, it is not a requirement for patients to adhere to our dual care model.

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Your Introductory Call


The Complimentary Consultation

We believe the doctor-patient relationship is extremely important. This is why we require all prospective new patients to schedule a complimentary 10-minute phone consult with Dr. Lauren to get to know one another and determine if we are the most ideal practice for you and your health challenges and goals. If the introductory call reveals that there may be another provider or facility that will better suit your needs, we will do our best to connect you with the proper resources. Our goal is to get you on the right path, whether we walk the journey with you or give you directions on where to head next.

Once you become an active member in our practice, your first in-office appointment will be scheduled to gather your health story and establish care within our center.


Your Initial Visit


PART ONE: The In-Office Visit

Prior to your first visit at our office, completion of the New Patient Paperwork and Health Assessment Forms are required. We will use this as a general guide for your initial visit but it will not take the place of a more in-depth gathering of information from your health story and your physical evaluation.

During this appointment, the goals are to:
~ Get to know you
~ Establish your goals
~ Create a road map for care

At this time, we will discuss any additional testing that needs to be completed. By completing labs early in the process, we can often save a lot of time and money by identifying the root of your issues quickly. The information gathered from these tests greatly assist our providers in creating a targeted plan for your individualized needs.

By the end of your initial appointment, you will have a clear picture of what is to come while working with us, including any expected costs on follow-up visits, nutraceuticals, and a basic plan for your future diet and lifestyle that will support you in achieving your goals!

*If you are traveling from outside the Indianapolis area, we are happy to offer suggestions on where to stay and where to eat!*


PART TWO: The Follow-Up Call

Creating a customized treatment plan takes time and focus by the provider. This is why we require a 2-part initial visit to allow the time and physical presence of you in the office to gather important information, and then allow the doctor to collect and review all the data without interruption or distraction and create a customized treatment plan for you.

An in-office appointment or phone/Skype call will be scheduled to review the results of any testing that was completed to guarantee you understand what the results mean for you. You will have access to any and all labs and testing that is completed with our office for your keeping and records.

During the call,
we review any lab results and your Lab Assessment Chart;
your road map will be reviewed and discussed;
our suggestions for any recommended products or further testing will be given (if necessary);
your follow-up appointment will be scheduled

Your Follow-Up Visits


Established Patient Visits

Once you are established within our office, as-needed visits may be scheduled at anytime that you and the doctor feel are necessary.

Generally, the first follow-up visit will be 4-6 weeks following your initial in-person consultation with the doctor. At this time we will review your progress, discuss any challenges (that were not already taken care of), and go over any additional lab results or information that is necessary. This is your time to ask questions, get answers, and gain clarity on what your next steps will be. Each visit builds upon each other and are critical for your success.

At this point, follow-up visits will vary based on your health status, health goals, and response to previous treatment. For wellness based members, we strongly encourage yearly visits with blood work to track and chart your health status. We have found this is extremely helpful in getting to know your body "normals" and for the earliest detection of an issue before it becomes a problem.


Your Initial Visit

Gentle Chiropractic Care

PART ONE: Discovery Day

Prior to your first visit at our office, completion of the Basic New Patient Intake Forms are required. We will use this as a general guide for your initial visit but it will not take the place of a more in-depth gathering of information from your health story and your physical evaluation.

During this appointment, the goals are to:
~ Get to know you and your body
~ Establish your health goals
~ Offer chiropractic care and/or other therapeutic modalities, as needed

At the time of your first visit, we will review and discuss the findings from your history and physical evaluation, and deliver your first treatment. The majority of our practice members receive a holistic re-alignment in addition to the standard chiropractic adjustment. We offer a variety of techniques from low-force to high-velocity to fit the needs of any age, any frame, and any fears. We also offer instrument adjusting for those that do not like "pops or cracks" from traditional chiropractic care.

If the doctor sees a necessity for any additional testing or therapy, all costs will be discussed prior to delivery. In addition, explanations of why and what to expect, as well as benefits, risks, and alternatives will be discussed.


PART TWO: The Findings & The Future

This visit is extremely important as it provides insightful information in how your body responded to the initial treatment. We are looking for feedback from you and your body. We carefully evaluate for any changes that you might have experienced to determine if the initial method of care is most effective for you. This visit is typically scheduled anywhere between 3-7 days from your initial visit depending on the severity and scenario of your case.

If the doctor is pleased with your progress, you will continue with treatment and schedule your Follow-Up visits. We typically suggest pre-scheduling your appointments one month at a time. The average new patient is seen anywhere between 3-12 times during the first month based on pain status, functional status, and desired outcome goals.

If your initial treatment does not go as expected, we will either discuss other treatment options, re-asses your case, or possibly refer you to a different provider or specialist. A monthly treatment plan will not be set up until more information is gathered.

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